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Export Trades

Export your trading history as a CSV file from your broker.


Upload History

Use our import tool to upload your file where our algorithms start generating reports.


Analyze Performance

After the import completes you can start analyzing how you trade.

We weren't satisfied with just tracking trades,
so we kept giving you more reasons to see what we're all about.

Strength Indicators

Lookup stocks to see trend ratings, price and the momentum direction (positive or negative).

Market Scanner

Time is of the essence. We scan thousands of market data points and update our indicators within minutes – so you can find stocks ripe for picking.

Text Alerts

Setup custom alerts to be sent to your mobile phone. Get notified whenever movement starts happening with a particular stock so you can act fast.

Portfolio Reports

Track your trading history across multiple categories such as time, symbol, market condition or options spreads like verticals and iron condors. Our reports help you understand the health of your trading behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brokers do you support?

We support most major brokers. Let us know if you need us to add your broker and we can usually have it added within 24-48 hours.

Do you have data for international markets?

Right now we only support US markets with data provided by IEX. We plan on adding more markets in the future.

Do you track option spreads?

Yes. We can group individual option trades into spreads like verticals, iron condors and covered calls etc... Let us know if we don't support a strategy and we'll go ahead and add it.

How do you handle assigned or exercised options?

When an option is exercised or assigned stock we track the profit and loss from that opened stock. If your option closed at a loss, but the stock soared, we will show you that net gain.

Which brokers have options support?

We support options exported as a csv file from ThinkOrSwim, tastyworks, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, and Interactive Brokers. Let us know if you don't see your broker on this list.

How do the strength indicators work?

We use a handful of technical analysis indicators to determine the strength and momentum of a particular stock. The indicators are meant to be a simple way to get a high level rating of a stock.