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  • Gauge the strength and momentum of price movement
  • Run simulations to compare different technical strategies

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Analyze & Learn

Dive into a particular stock to learn about the company fundamentals, trader sentiment, momentum rating, related articles and more. See how the trading bot would have performed using different technical strategies over the past 5 years.

Scanning & Reporting

Quickly and easily scan the market for stocks using your preferred filters. See reports on how you're performing and figure out where opportunities and problems may arise.

Strength Indicators

Lookup stocks to see trend ratings, price and the momentum direction (positive or negative).

Market Scanner

Time is of the essence. We scan thousands of market data points and update our indicators within minutes – so you can find stocks ripe for picking.

Text Alerts

Setup custom alerts to be sent to your mobile phone. Get notified whenever movement starts happening with a particular stock so you can act fast.

Broker Import

Consolidate all of your trades under one roof. Enjoy the versatility of manual import and/or the broker import tool and gain a holistic view of your trading performance.

Track Trades

No more analysis paralysis. Our simple, digestible design allows you to manually add or import trades from your broker.

Portfolio Reports

Track your trading history across multiple categories such as time, symbol, market condition and sectors. Our reports help you understand the health of your trading behavior.

Trading Bot

Our proprietary bot will become your new best friend. Run stock simulations to see past and current performance.


Get a pulse on how the market feels towards a particular stock by seeing short and open interest reports.